O’Brien Law Did you Knows

Did you know… We make house calls.  When a client can’t come to us, we will go to you.

Did you know… We personally handle your case.  We never farm out your case to an associate or paralegal.

Did you know… When you hire O’Brien law, you get the personal touch. We are the ones returning your calls and handling your case.

Did you know… We can help you preserve your assets in the event that you or a loved one have to go to a nursing home.

Did you know… At O’Brien Law we represent all our clients as we would want to be represented.

Did you know… Our primary focus is personal injury and elder law. But we’re not limited to these areas, we also have many years of experience in:

– Criminal Law
– Corporate Law
– Real Estate
– Litigation

Did you know… If you are a Connecticut resident and have an out of state accident, O’Brien Law can be your lawyer.

Personal Injury

Did you know… if we handle your personal injury case, there isn’t a fee for this service unless you win the case.

Did you know… If we don’t recover, you won’t be charged

Did you know… If we don’t recover, we will pay all fees and costs

Did you know… The initial consultation on any service is always free.

Did you know… When hiring a personal injury attorney, there are a few factors to consider.

1. Does your attorney have experience working with the insurance companies?

2. Does your attorney understand how the insurance companies work and make decisions?

3. Does your attorney prepare you for trial?

Estate Planning

Did you know… The basic documents needed for Estate Planning are:

1. Will

2. Power of attorney

3. Healthcare Directive (Living Will)

Did you know… A living will is a document that insures that your decisions, even when you cannot speak on your own behalf, will be carried out.

Did you know… A Power of Attorney is a financial form that appoints someone to be your agent in the case that you are not able to pay your bills, go to the bank, make financial decisions, etc.

Did you know… Having a Power of Attorney can be used when you:

1. Become disabled and can no longer get around

2. Become sick

3. Have Aging Parents

4. Have a family member with Mental illness

5. Have a family member with Special Needs

Did you know… A Will is a document that insures that your money, belongings and property pass to the appropriate persons after your death.

Did you know… If you don’t have a will, you will leave it up to the state to decide how your property gets distributed.

Did you know… If you don’t have a will, the state will decide how to distribute your property. In some cases, this could be harmful, especially when it comes to leaving property to a disabled child.

Did you know… When you hire an attorney to do your estate planning documents, you are getting and expert who can ensure your wishes are properly documented and performed.

Did you know… Hiring and Estate Planning attorney gives you peace of mind, and the job gets done correctly.